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Hindu God Statues - Bring Home the Wealth and Prosperity This New Year

hindu god statues

Hindu god statues are considered as an auspicious gift to anybody. Goddess Laxmi is considered as the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, of good luck and abundance, she is the life force in all creation. Nowadays, considering the importance of wealth this would be an ideal gift for anyone.

Thus, it will be the right decision, if you planned to gift a Statue of Goddess Laxmi. Hindus, celebrate a popular festival, known as Diwali in her honor. The entire house is cleaned on this day and in the evening, "diya's" are lit up and crackers are bursted. Diwali is a very important festival of Hindu's; it is celebrated with a lot of pomp and a lot of worship as well as fun. People exchange sweets and other gift items with each other.

At such occasions Hindu god statues are very beautiful, and just an appropriate gift for anyone, not just on this day, but any day of the year. Another very beautiful and divine gift can be lord ganesha statue.

Lord Ganesha is considered to be the remover of all obstacles and is Lord of Beginnings. He is considered as the god of intellect and wisdom. HE is the older son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Legend says it was Parvati, who created Ganesha. So, if any of your friends or relatives want to start a new venture, or a new job, or is moving into a new house, Whitewood ganesha statue will be an ideal gift, which he will never forget.

Ganesha statue is supposed to bring wealth and good luck.The aura which it spreads to the entire house is something you can never truly understand unless you put it your house. Putting ganesha marble statues at the top of the front door and inside the home fills the full environment with a positive energy and good luck, as trusted by the Hindus, although people of other religions also do the same, to bring good luck at their homes. People are especially fond of beautiful statues of Lord Ganesha because it is said that every good or 'shubh' work is started, with the worship of God Ganesha.

There is too much written about lord ganesha in hindu mythology. Anybody who has worshiped ganesh with true dedication and feeling has never ever failed to get the prosperity and riches that he is entitled to. You too can solve your financial problems forever by bringing lord ganesha to your home.

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